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July Newsletter

July Newsletter

NEWSLETTER   July, 2014

This is my first Newsletter as your new Club president. I’m working on my Presidential Manifesto, which I will present at the August 6 meeting. I’m considering changing the official language of the Club to Greek.

Club Dues are Due NOW!

Club dues were due at the July meeting. We had so much on our agenda, I neglected to mention it. Please be prepared to pay your $50 Club dues at the August meeting. You can also send cash, check or money order to: PO Box 572, Hoquiam, 98550.

Grays Harbor County Fair – August 6 through 10

The Club is considering being an exhibitor and vendor at the Fair. A majority of members at our last meeting were enthusiastic and thought it was a great idea. Fred Scott has stepped up as chairman of this event if we decide to go for it. The Fair would give the Club a really good location near the front entrance. We could set up the Club trailer and have up to three cars and tables to display and sell our merchandise. The cars could be rotated over that five day period. The hours are 10am to 10pm, and we would require a minimum of six to eight Club members a day to man the exhibit. Some of us have volunteered to work four hour shifts on multiple days. This is a great opportunity for Club exposure and it would allow us to sell off a lot of excess tee shirts, motor bike raffle tickets and such. The Fair people are quite excited about our participation. Anyone willing to work a shift – or more – needs to get back to us ASAP. Call Trish, 532-1918, leave a message.

Board of Directors

In accordance with the by-laws of the Club, the Board of Directors will consist of the Club officers and a number of members in good standing. I need to get the board set up right away, and have our first meeting. So far, we have three new board members. If you wish to be on the Board of Directors, please keep in mind that you will be required to attend all board meetings. Contact me immediately if you wish to serve. I’m going to schedule the first board meeting for the week of July 14.

Show n Shine at the Shores – Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, October 3, 4, 5

Wow! Believe it or not, this event is less than 90 days away. QBRC is anxious to start advertising and marketing ASAP. I am presenting a proposal this week, and have invoiced QBRC for $5,000. I have decided to raise the entrance fee to $20, $15 for pre-registered. The event will start on Friday, October 3, with a Poker Run, Push Rods are eligible. There will be a cash prize, Push Rods again eligible, for car people that stay in the hotel Friday and Saturday night. The SEMA-type show in the grand ballroom was very successful at our last event. We are going to do it again at this show. The following participants will be invited:

  •             Blood Auto Works
  •             Richardson Custom Auto Body
  •             Billy Bob Customs
  •             Fosses Hot Rods and Cool Cars
  •             Holcomb Upholstery
  •             Les Schwab
  •             Mood’s Auto Memorabilia
  •             Push Rods Merchandise
  •             Lance Lambert
  •             Grays Harbor Audio
  •             Poulsom Museum Car Raffle
  •             Pinstriper

Space is limited; however, we could probably work in a couple more car related exhibitors. I’m open to suggestions.

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