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Newsletter April 2015

Next meeting is April 1, Hoquiam Elks Club, 7:00 pm. The Elks is serving a $5 dinner in the bar, starting at 5:30.

PLEASE try to attend this one. This is the last meeting and planning session for our sixth annual High Rollin’ High Rods at the Beach on April 24th and 25th at Quinault Beach. I’m going to have all the job assignments (with some changes) which we had for the last show. I’m hoping I can count on all of you to volunteer again.

We’ll be discussing HRHR in detail at the meeting, but please be thinking about this… We need more prizes for the giveaways. Hopefully, in the $25 range. Maybe you have some new stuff that you can re-gift. Or go through the old attic or garage and find neat car related things that you don’t need/want anymore. Please bring whatever you have to the April meeting, because we need to get everything listed in advance so that Steve Hierholzer can manage it all the day of the show.

April 12, 12:00 to 3:00. Sponsored by the Raymond Car Show Group. Raymond Elks Club, 326 3rd St. in Raymond.


I go by the Club PO box almost every day, and get lots of newsletters from the other car clubs. I marvel at the sophistication and quality of some of the other newsletters. They include things like comprehensive calendars of events, club members birthdays and anniversaries, favorite recipes and individual car stories like “My First Car”, etc.

I really wish we had a PR officer that could put something like that together on a regular basis. Here’s a one-time shot at it…
A Favorite Recipe –

Halekakis World Famous Jalapeno Hot Chili – Purchase can of Nalley Jalapeno Hot Chili Con Carne with Beans. Empty contents into microwave safe bowl. Cover loosely. Heat on HIGH for three minutes or until hot. Stir once during heating. YUM!

Jokes – Steve Reames pointed out that in the good old days, the PR Newsletter always had a joke or two. I heard through the grapevine that some of those jokes were offensive, and certain people got in trouble. So, here goes…

Two Push Rods, Sven and Olie, were building a house. They went to Levee Lumber and said they needed to buy some 4 x 2s. The guy at Levee said, “you mean 2 x 4s, right?”. Sven and Olie said “nope, they’re 4 x 2s. We measured ‘em.” The Levee Lumber guy said “okay, how long do you want them?” Sven and Olie said “we’re gonna need ‘em for a long time. We’re building a house.”
Birthdays and Anniversaries – My birthday was March 27th. Sorry you missed it.

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